The Pain (Part 7)

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Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : The Pain
Genre    : Family, Romance, Drama, Sad Romance, Friendship
Type      : Chapters

Cast :
– Jin Seyeon
– Im YoonA
– Choi Siwon
– Cho Kyuhyun



(Seyeon’s POV)

Eonnie, until when you’re gonna be like this to me? I miss my eonnie… I miss our time together… I want my eonnie back!
My life isn’t good as before now. Eventhough my old life was just usual and I had to face the fact that my mom hates me. But at least, I still had my eonnie who will always stay by my side and always be my hero. But now??

Now I have to face the truth that my eonnie ALSO HATES ME…

I can only watch them (My mom and eonnie) from a far now. But it’s ok! because at least I still can see them everyday, although they don’t notice my presence around them.

Just like now. I see my mom and my eonnie are watching tv. YoonA eonnie put her head on eomma’s lap while eomma is stroking her hair softly. Something that she won’t ever do to me. If you ask if I’m jealous or not, then the answer is no…

I don’t jealous at all. Instead, I’m happy to see them like this. They’re talking and smiling happily. It’s a wonderful thing to see, and it’s enough for me. Because I’d rather to see those smiling face than their sobs, or their sad faces.

I love you, eomma and eonnie…
Forever and always…

(Seyeon’s POV End)



(YoonA’s POV)

I know Seyeon is always watching us from a far. But I pretend like I don’t know or like I don’t notice it. The pain in my heart is still hurts and it makes me being like this to her. I can’t deny that I’m starting to hate her… but at the same time, I miss her. I miss our times together.

I hate her because she makes my mom in pain like this. I know that isn’t Seyeon’s fault. It was her mother fault because she was cheating with my father, with a man who already married and had a child! But what can I do? My heart keeps to blaming her.

Because of her my mom never be happy for these past years.

Because of her my mom always cries everyday.

And Because of her my parents always fighting to each other.

I hate you, Seyeon…

I hate you, but I love you, my dongsaeng…

Kreaak (the sound of the open door)

“Eonnie?” Someone whispers from in front of my door. I know who that is, it’s Seyeon. I immediately close my eyes and pretend like I’m sleeping. Instead of get out from my room, Seyeon walks closer to my bed and then she sits on the edge of my bed. I’m still pretending to sleep.

“Eonnie, bogoshipo. Nan jeongmal bogoshipo…” She says with a sad tone.

She takes a place beside me and then she lays her body next to me. She hugs me from back, because I’m laying on the bed with my back facing her. I can hear her sobs. It’s so sad and full of pain. Like there’s no hope anymore.

“Why are you being like this eonnie? Do you know that you’re hurting me because of your action?”

“If I can ask to god, then I’ll ask to god to never born me to this world, to never give me a life. So, you and mom will never be in pain like this. Maybe if i… if I leave, then everything will be better. But I don’t know where I should go eonnie. I don’t have anything, I don’t have anyone except appa, eomma, Siwon oppa, and then you.”

“To be honest, I feel ashamed, eonnie. I feel dirty because I’m the cause of this trouble. Mianhe, jeongmal mianhe eonnie…”

“Saranghae eonnie. For me, you’re the best eonnie ever. And eventhough you hate me now, but you have to know that I’ll always love you. It won’t never change!”

Tears falls down from my eyes. I feel touched by her words. I realize that I’m such a bad person. How could I do this to her?!

I hear the door sound closing. Means that Seyeon just came out from my room. I get up and sit on my bed. I hug my knees as I close my face. And I start to cry…

I feel sad…

I feel bad…

I close my mouth with both of my hands. I’m afraid if the others will hear it.

‘Seyeon-ah… mianhe…’

(YoonA’s POV End)


Mr.Choi entered his daughter room. YoonA who was laying on her bed immediately get up. She looked at her father with an annoyed look. Yeah, since she found out everything about her father sin, she became really cold and mad at her father. She didn’t even talk to him since that time. How hard Mr.Choi tried to make her forgive her, but it never worked!

The result is still the same, YoonA hates him!

“YoonA-ya…” Called Mr.Choi as he sat at the edge of YoonA’s bed. YoonA didn’t answer him. All she did was just looked at him with no expression. It made Mr.Choi sad. He missed the old YoonA, the cheerful and warm daughter.

“Mianhe… appa know, you must be really mad at me now.


“I just want to apologize because I already hurt your feeling.”

“YoonA.” Mr.Choi was about to stroked her hair, but YoonA immediately slapped his hand away. She didn’t want to be touched by her father.

“You can hate me because it’s all my fault. But please, please don’t mad at Seyeon! This isn’t her fault. I know that you also mad at her now. And you never talk to her since that day, when you knew everything. Please YoonA… please back to the old YoonA! The warm, kind, and cheerful ones. I miss you… and I’m sure that Seyeon feels the same.”

“She must be really miss her lovely sister.”

“Does Siwon oppa know about this?” YoonA finally said something to her father.

“Ani. He doesn’t know anything about this. He’s too busy with his job now. We better not to tell him about this. He needs to focus on his carrier.” Mr.Choi said as he looked at YoonA. YoonA smiled sardonically.

“Wae? Are you afraid if oppa know about your dirty sin? Are you afraid if he’ll turn out to hate you? Just like mom and i.” YoonA said with her sardonically tone. She never speak to anyone with that tone before. It was her first time to talk to someone like that, and it’s her father! Her own father!

“Jebal YoonA…”

“Cih! Don’t worry, I won’t tell him. Beside, I don’t want this problem to be a burden for him. And also, I don’t want to make him disappointed. Because his hero it’s not as good as he thought!”

YoonA left her father, while Mr.Choi was looking at her with a sad stare. His eyes started to watery, when he remembered about YoonA act to him just now. It was hurting him.

“Please come back to my old YoonA…”




Seyeon came to Kyuhyun practice place. Kyuhyun was practicing for his upcoming musical drama, it called “CATCH ME IF YOU CAN”. He’s gonna be the lead actor for that musical drama. It’s the second time for him to be in the musical drama and also as the lead actor. Seyeon sat on the chair in the practice room. She watched Kyuhyun. A small but beautiful smile appeared on her lips when she saw Kyuhyun.

“Ah mianhe, you must be boring.” Kyuhyun apologized to Seyeon.

“Ani. Here!” Seyeon said with a smile on her face as she gave Kyuhyun a bottle of mineral water. Kyuhyun thanked her and drank the mineral water. Seyeon secretly watched Kyuhyun, admiring his handsome face. But she immediately stopped it, because she realized that Kyuhyun is YoonA’s boyfriend now. So, she can’t keep this feeling for any longer. She has to erase it! She has to!

“Kyuhyun oppa…”

Seyeon and Kyuhyun turned their attention to that person.

“YoonA-ya…” Kyuhyun smiled happily when he called her. And it made Seyeon heart hurted, because Kyuhyun never seemed so happy just like that when he meet her.

“Mianhe because I’m late.”

“Ne, gwenchana.”

YoonA smiled at Kyuhyun, but then her smile disappeared when she saw Seyeon who was sitting next to Kyuhyun. She didn’t expect that she will meet her here. And to be honest, she didn’t like it! She didn’t like to see Seyeon being together with Kyuhyun.

Seyeon who was realized that YoonA didn’t like her presence immediately stood up and said that she wanted to go because she had another business, which is just a lie.

“Hmm, I gotta go now, oppa.”


“I… I forgot that I had a plan with my friend. So, I have to go now.”

“Oh, ok then. Be careful ok!”’

“Ne, gomawo oppa. See you later, eonnie oppa!” Kyuhyun smiled at her as the response. Different with YoonA, she just looked at Seyeon with a cold stare. Kyuhyun who saw that felt strange. Because from what he knew, Seyeon and YoonA were really close to each other. So, that was weird to saw them being like that.

“Wae, oppa?” YoonA who was just realized that Kyuhyun was looking at her, asked him.

“Do you have a fight with her?”

“Nugu?” YoonA asked. She actually knew what Kyuhyun meant. She just pretended like she didn’t know.

“Of course Seyeon.”



“Aish oppa, now you don’t believe me?” YoonA asked as she showed him her annoyed face.

“Ok, don’t mad! I was just asking you. Kajja! Let’s have a lunch together!” Kyuhyun pulled her hand softly.



YoonA was busy searching for her novel in her bedroom. “Aish jinjja!” YoonA hit her forehead softly. She remembered that last time Seyeon borrowed that novel. And now she’s pretty sure that her novel is still in Seyeon’s room.

She sneaked a peek at Seyeon’s room, to make sure that Seyeon wasn’t there. Yup! Seyeon wasn’t there.

‘She’s probably still in school now.’ YoonA thought.

YoonA entered Seyeon’s room and began to search for her novel. When she searched her novel on Seyeon’s study table, she dropped one of Seyeon’s book without on purpose. She took the book. It was a diary. She remembered that she was the one who gave that diary to Seyeon on her birthday. Something caught her attention when she was about to put that diary on the table. It was a photo, which was came out from inside the book. But what made her surprise was the person inside the photo.

It’s Seyeon with Kyuhyun…

“Kyuhyun oppa…” she mumbled. And when she turned the photo, she could see some words written behind the photo.


Me with My Prince, Kyuhyun oppa…
Love you, forever and always
Cho Kyuhyun…


“What the hell is this?! Don’t tell me that Seyeon likes Kyuhyun oppa!”





-To Be Continued-


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