The Pain (Part 6)

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Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : The Pain
Genre    : Family, Romance, Drama, Sad Romance, Friendship
Type      : Chapters

Cast :
– Jin Seyeon
– Im YoonA
– Choi Siwon
– Cho Kyuhyun



“Eomma, what did you mean by saying that Seyeon isn’t your daughter?!”

“Eomma…appa… please answer me! What is actually happening with us?!!”



YoonA stared at her parents one by one. She was waiting for their answer.  But it seemed no one from them wanted to answer YoonA question. Any bad thought appeared on YoonA’s mind.

‘Could it be that Seyeon isn’t my sister?’

“You wanna know what’s the truth?” Asked Mrs.Choi, and YoonA nodded her head as the answer. Mr.Choi looked at his wife with a sad stare. He hoped that his wife wouldn’t tell the truth to YoonA. He just didn’t want to break another heart of his family. And also… he was afraid… he was afraid if YoonA will hate him because of this.

“Minyoung-ah, jebal…” Mr.Choi said with a sad tone as he looked at his wife.

“Wae? Are you scared if I tell YoonA the truth?!”

YoonA was getting more confused by her parents act. Now, she was so sure that there was something wrong with her family. And it’s serious! Really serious! While Seyeon, she was still standing behind the door, watching all the scenes in front of her secretly. Tears fell down from her eyes as she watched them. Now her biggest fear becomes real…

YoonA would know everything…

“Ok, if you don’t want to tell her, then I’ll do it!” Minyoung said to her husband. She turned her face to facing YoonA. “Ne, what you heard was true! Seyeon isn’t my daughter!”


“You ever asked me, why do I always treat her differently from you and Siwon, right? That’s because she isn’t my daughter. I don’t even know who she is. I don’t know anything about her.”

YoonA eyes started to watery. Her mom explanation just now was success to shocked her. She didn’t expect that Seyeon wasn’t her real sister. She kept hoping in her heart that somehow, everything was just a dream. And she’ll wake up soon to found out that everything was okay.
But unfortunately, that wasn’t a dream. Instead it was the truth. The truth behind all these lies…

“So, Seyeon… she isn’t… my sister?” YoonA asked with a weak tone.

“Ani. She’s your sister.” Answered Mr.Choi.

“But how? Eomma said that she isn’t her child. How come….”

“He’s right!” Minyoung cut YoonA’s word. “She’s still your sister because… Seyeon is your father’s daughter with… another woman.”

It’s like a thunder in the daylight when her mom said that to her. If Seyeon is her father’s daughter with another woman. It means that… her father was CHEATING on her mother!

“Ne.” Said Mrs.Choi as like she could read YoonA’s mind. “Your father was cheating on me. And the worst part is I was late to know the truth. He’s been lied to me for 18 years! Can you believe it?! How could your father do this to me?” Mrs.Choi sobbed.

“Appa… this is a joke, right?”

Mr.Choi looked at his daughter with his teary eyes. He felt really sorry to her. He knew that he’s a very bad appa. He made his family heart broke.


“….Mianhe jagi…”

YoonA covered her mouth with both of her hands. She felt hurt, she felt destroyed, she felt misery…
Without waiting for any longer, YoonA ran away to her room, leaving both of her parents. She slammed the door and leaned her body on it. Slowly, she fell down to the floor. She couldn’t hold her tears anymore. She started to cry… she cried louder than ever. There was nothing more painful than this fact.

The fact that her father, wasn’t as good as she thought…

“Appa… how could you do this to us?”




(Seyeon’s POV)

God, what should I do? I’m sure that YoonA eonnie is really sad now, just like I was before. And also, I’m afraid… I’m afraid if YoonA eonnie will hate me just like my mom. If that happens, I don’t know what will I do. YoonA eonnie is my sister and also a bestfriend for me. I don’t want to lose her!

Knock Knock Knock…

I knock YoonA’s eonnie door slowly. I can hear her sob from here. And it also brings a lot of pain into my chest when I hear her sob.

“Eonnie… open the door please!  we need to talk.”

Knock Knock Knock

I knock the door again. But still, no answer from her. I think she’s mad at me now.

“Eonnie, Jebal…” I say while I’m still knocking her door.

“GO AWAY!” YoonA eonnie screams from inside her room. I froze when I hear her shouting at me just like that. She’s never shout to me before. YoonA whom I know is a very cheerful and lovely person. And today, I can see the hidden side from YoonA eonnie.

(Seyeon’s POV End)




(YoonA’s POV)

I know that I shouldn’t being like this because this whole thing isn’t Seyeon’s fault. But I can’t help it. I feel mad, really mad! I feel disappointed…

Why the fact is so cruel?

Seyeon-ah, mianhe… I didn’t mean to shout at you like that. I just feel mad and also disappointed. And I don’t know who should I angry with.
It just that… this whole thing really makes me hurt…

And i still can’t accept it.

(YoonA’s POV End)




YoonA just came out from her room after she locked herself for the whole day, she didn’t even go to campus. Seeing Seyeon in front of her made YoonA remembered about the problem again. The truth was she wasn’t ready to meet her. Because she still couldn’t accept the fact, that Seyeon wasn’t her sister and her dad was cheating with Seyeon’s mom.

YoonA turned her body back, she wanted to enter her room again. But Seyeon immediately grabbed her wrist, making YoonA turned her body to face Seyeon.

“Eonnie jebal… please don’t being like this to me. You’re my only bestfriend, my only eonnie… if you’re also mad at me, I don’t know what should I do.” Seyeon said with a teary eyes while she was still holding YoonA’s wrist. YoonA didn’t say anything. She didn’t even look at Seyeon.


“I….I…  it’s hard for me to accept.” YoonA finally said. Slowly but sure, YoonA released her wrist from Seyeon.


Seyeon stared at YoonA’s door as tears fell down from her eyes. “Eonnie… please don’t hate me!”





Super junior was having a break after doing rehearsal for their upcoming concert. Seyeon was there too, she was watching Super Junior’s rehearsal. Ryeowook came and sat on the floor next to Seyeon. He leaned his body on the mirror wall in their rehearsal room. His body full of sweat and he looked really tired. Seyeon who saw him like that, immediately took a bottle of mineral water and gave it to him.

“Gomawo.” Ryeowook thanked her as he smiled.

“Ne oppa.”

Seyeon looked at the other Super Junior’s members. Some of them were resting just like what Ryeowook did, and some of them were still practicing. Like Eunhyuk, he was still practicing for his dance.

“Oppa, what will you do if you know that your sister is actually isn’t your real sister?”

Ryeowook frowned, he felt weird by Seyeon’s sudden question. He looked at Seyeon, who was still watching the other Super Junior’s members with a smiled on her face. No, it wasn’t like her usual smile! It was different… it was a sad smile…

“Why did you ask something like that?”

“Ani. Just want to know what’s your answer. It’s not that important, actually.”

“Hmm… well… if I have to answer. Ah, I don’t have an answer. Really! It’s pretty confusing.”

“Hahaha… ne, I know that! That’s why I asked you that.” Seyeon smiled at Ryeowook.

“What are you guys talking about? It seems fun.” Asked Kyuhyun. He sat next to Seyeon, so Seyeon was in the middle of Ryeowook and Kyuhyun.

“Ani oppa…”

“Hey, do you know what’s happening with YoonA? She didn’t reply or answer my call. I actually want to come to your house to meet her and ask about what’s happening. But unfortunately, I can’t because I still have a lot of schedule and rehearsal.” Explained Kyuhyun.

“Ah… nan molla. Maybe eonnie is busy, oppa. But, I’ll ask her later.”

“Gomawo Lime Queen.” Kyuhyun stroked Seyeon’s hair softly.




(Seyeon’s POV)

I just entered the door, but then I hear someone is shouting at me. It’s none other than my mom. She seems drunk. Yeah, since she found out that I’m my father’s child with another woman she turns into a drunker. She’s doing all this to vent her anger.



I wipe the blood on my lips. Just like I thought before, she would beat me again. It’s like her favorite thing to do beside drinking and yelling at me.

“Get up!”

“Arrgh appo eomma…” I scream in pain when she pulls my hair out.



Kreaak (The door open)

YoonA eonnie just came home. She stops for a while when she sees me. She looks at me with no expression. Maybe she’s still mad at me. I hope she will rescue me from this situation, I can’t expect the help from appa because he was away.

‘Eonnie please help me…’ I said in my heart as I’m looking at her. But what makes me surprise and also sad is because…

…she walks away from me just like that…
She doesn’t help me…
She didn’t even look at me when she walked away…

Eonnie, do you hate me that much???

And now… I feel like I’m death…

(Seyeon’s POV End)




-To Be Continued-


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