The Pain (Part 3)

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Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title      : The Pain
Type     : Chaptered
Genre   : Romance, Drama, Family, Life

Cast :
– Jin Seyeon as Choi Seyeon
– Im YoonA as Choi YoonA
– Choi Siwon
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Super Junior’s members



“Eomma…” Seyeon said with a disbelief tone as she touched her own cheek. She couldn’t believe that her mother slapped her cheek just now.
Yeah, she knew that her mother didn’t like her and she understood why. But, her mother never slap her before. That was the first time for Seyeon.

“Don’t you dare to call me eomma, ara!” Mrs.Choi said coldly as she looked at Seyeon with her angry stare.

“Neo! You’re just a burden for me. I never want to adopt you if I know that you’re his daughter with Hyerim.”

Seyeon cried without a sound. She was too afraid to even make a little sound. Her heart ache, really ache! This was the first time for her to be in
this kind of situation.

“Eomma, mianhe…” She sobbed.

“YA! I TOLD YOU, DON’T YOU DARE TO CALL ME MOM AGAIN!” Mrs.Choi pointed her finger to Seyeon. And then, she walked away from that room,
leaving Seyeon behind. She didn’t even care when finally Seyeon burst into tears.

‘God, what should I do to make everything normal again?’

Day by day Seyeon’s relationship with Mrs.Choi, her mother, was getting worsen. Mrs.Choi always treated her badly.
Mrs.Choi even often to slap her or hit her body. But Seyeon just  kept silent. She didn’t tell anything to her family, especially her father.
Because Seyeon always thought that she deserve it, she deserved to be treated in that way.

If people ask her whether she tired or not with those whole things…
Then the answer is yes. She felt tired with her own life.

She wanted to rest…

She wanted to stop everything…

But unfortunately… she couldn’t choose. All she could do is live. Stay alive eventhough it hurts her.

(Seyeon’s POV)

“Seyeon-ah, what’s this?” YoonA eonnie asks as she touches my forehead. I looked at the mirror and I can see that there’s a bruise on my forehead.

“Oh, it’s nothing.” I cover the bruise with my bangs.

“Jeongmal?” She asks with a worry tone. I nod my head as the response.

YoonA eonnie and I are lying on my bed. We both are lying down as we look at the ceiling above us. YoonA eonnie grabs my hand and she’s holding it tightly.I hold her hand back. I close my eyes and feel the touch on my hand.

“Eomma seems weird these days, don’t you think so?”

I open my eyes and turn my head to see my eonnie. I don’t dare to say anything, not even a single word. Yeah, I’m afraid!
I’m afraid if YoonA eonnie and Siwon oppa know everything. I don’t want them to hate me!


“Ne, eonnie.”

“What’s wrong? There’s something bothering you?”

“….Ani.” That’s all I can say to her.

‘Mianhe eonnie…’

(Seyeon’s POV End)


“Seyeon-ah…” Called Mr.Choi to his beloved daughter.

“Ne, appa.”

Mr.Cho took a seat beside his daughter, Seyeon. Seyeon moved a little to giving a space for her father. There was a quite long silence between them,
before finally Mr.Choi pulled his daughter into his warm hug.

“Mianhe. Jeongmal mianhe… I know that you must be really suffer. I’m a bad father for you. I’m the one who made you into this kind of situation.
But you have to know that… having you in this world is the best present in my life. No matter what happen, I’ll always love you. Because you’re my daughter.” Mr.Choi said while he was still hugging Seyeon. Seyeon didn’t say anything, but her tears started to fall down from her eyes.

‘Eventhough eomma hates me now, but at least I still have appa…’ Seyeon said in her heart.

(YoonA’s POV)

There’s something wrong!

I can feel it! Eomma seems weird these days, and also appa and Seyeon. What is actually happening with them? I tried to ask Seyeon, but like I guess,
she didn’t say anything. She said that everything’s fine. But I know… I know that there’s something wrong happening now.

~Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby~

I take out my phone from inside my bag. A small smile appears on my face when I see the ID caller. It’s Kyuhyun oppa. Actually, I have a crush on him.
It’s been 2 years now. At first, I only saw him as my brother, like the other Super Junior oppadeul. But then I realized that I like him more than I ever thought.

Nan neomu saranghae, Kyuhyun oppa…


“Ah jinjja? Of course, beside I don’t have any plan for tomorrow.”

“Ne ne… don’t worry! I’ll come.”

“Kekeke… arasso. Annyeong!”

I hang up the phone and put it back into my bag. Ahh nan neomu haengbokhae! Kyuhyun oppa just asked me to watch his drama performance tomorrow. Of course I’m gonna say yes! I’ll do anything for him. Kekeke… yeah I know I’m start to crazy.

I’m crazy about you, Kyuhyun oppa…

Can I hope that Kyuhyun oppa has the same feeling as mine??

(YoonA’s POV End)

(Kyuhyun’s POV)

I’m happy, really happy! YoonA said that she would come to my drama performances. I can’t wait for that! And actually, I already have a plan.
Yeah, I want to confess my feeling to her at that day. I’ve been thinking about it like all the time, and I guess this is my chance to confess to her.
Sungmin hyung also said like that.


“Ne, hyung?”

“Neo gwenchana?”

I look at Siwon hyung with a question stare. “Ne.”

“You look kinda weird. You were smiling like a crazy guy.” Siwon hyung says.

“WHAHAHAHA…” All of my hyungdeul burst to laugh when they hear Siwon’s hyung statement. Aish jinjja!! How could he think like that?
Didn’t he know that I act like this just because of his sister?? Ok, of course he doesn’t know it.

“Hyung, I wanna say something to you.” I say to Siwon hyung. I take a seat beside him. Siwon hyung is watching tv while he sits on the sofa.

“Ne?” He turns his head to face me.


“You?” Siwon hyung looks at me with a question stare.

I take a deep breath. “I like your sister. Not as brother and sister, but more than that.”

Siwon hyung just looks at me with no expression. To be honest, I feel a little scared when I see his expression like this. I’m afraid if he mad at me
because I like his sister. And the worst part is if he asks me to stay away from his sister.

“Who? YoonA or Seyeon?”

“Heh?  Ehm… it’s YoonA.” I finally say.

“That’s good, Kyunnie!” Siwon hyung pats my shoulder as he’s smiling to me. I feel relief when I see his reaction. I thought he would mad at me
because I like his sister.

“But you have to promise me something! You have to protect my sister and also never make her cry, ara! Because if that happens, I will teach you a lesson.”

“Ne, yaksokhae!” I look at him with a serious look.

“I keep your promise. So, when will you tell her?”

“As soon as I can. I’m looking for the right time.”

“Good luck for you!” He smiles at me while he’s patting my shoulder.

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)





“I hate you! I hate you!!!”



Seyeon could see her father was standing there with an angry stare. Mr.Choi ran to Seyeon and he hugged his daughter. Seyeon looked at her father.
Tears started to fall from her eyes. She felt pain and tired.


-To Be Continued-


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