The Pain (Part 2)

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Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : The Pain
Genre    : Family, Friendship, Romance, Sad Romance, Drama
Type      : Chapters

Cast :
– Jin Seyeon (Choi Seyeon)
– Im YoonA
– Choi Siwon
– Cho Kyuhyun



“Eomma… appa…”

Mr.Choi surprised to see his daughter was there. He didn’t know what to say or what to do. It was really complicated for him. Mrs. Choi still crying loudly, while Seyeon looked at her parents with a teary eyes.

“NEO! NEO! I HATE YOU BOTH!!” Mrs. Choi screamed as she was pointing her finger to Seyeon and her husband. And then she ran away from that room, leaving Seyeon and Mr.Choi behind.

“Seyeon-ah… appa…” Mr.Choi walked closer to his daughter. But Seyeon stepped back everytime Mr.Choi walked closer to her.

“How could you appa! How could you do this to me, to omma…?! Now I understand why eomma always treats me differently from YoonA eonnie and Siwon oppa. That’s because im not her child.” Seyeon sobbed.

“Mianhe… I know this is my fault. Im a horrible person. Mianhe Seyeon-ah…” Mr.Choi couldn’t hold his tears anymore. He hugged Seyeon as tears fell down from his cheek. Seyeon cried getting louder than before. She didn’t refuse his father hug but she also didn’t hug him back. She just let her father hugged her.

“Mianhe Seyeon-ah…” Mr.Choi kept repeating his apologize to Seyeon.





(Seyeon’s POV)

Now I get it! No wonder eomma always treats me differently from the others, that’s because… im not her real daughter. And what hurt is because… I was born from my father’s infidelity. I feel disgusted with myself. If I can choose… I want to DIE now!

I look at my picture family.

‘Eonnie… oppa… if you guys know the truth about me. Will you guys hate me?’

‘I’m not your sister. I don’t even know who is my mother…’

God, what should I say to YoonA eonnie and Siwon oppa? Should I tell them the truth? How about if they will hate me just like eomma when they know the truth?

(Seyeon’s POV End)








(Kyuhyun’s POV)

“Yaah stop that already! You’re acting like a crazy guy, don’t you know that?” Sungmin hyung says, he takes a seat beside me.

“I see… you really like her, huh?” He asks while he’s smiling to me.

“Ne… I think i do.”

“Why don’t you just confess? Yeah, I know that the company forbid us to have a date. But that’s not a big problem, right? You can still date her secretly.”

“Wooah, do you teach me to be a bad boy now?” I make a surprised face to him. He just laughs and messed my hair with his finger.

“I just don’t want to have a crazy dongsaeng.” He says, making me confused.

“You’re always smiling like a crazy guy everytime you see her picture or get a text message from her.” Sungmin hyung explains to me.

“Yaa hyung! Im not crazy!”

“I didn’t say that you’re crazy. I said you LIKE a crazy guy, or the other word ALMOST crazy.”

“Or… should I say to Siwon that you like his sister?” Sungmin hyung teases me.


(Kyuhyun’s POV End)





YoonA looked at around the dining room. There was no one there, it was so queit. Just one word for that situation, Weird… That wasn’t like usual. YoonA knew exactly that diner time and breakfast time are really important for her family. Cause all of them are busy person, so they could meet and talk to each other during those times. That’s why diner and breakfast time are important.

“Ahjumma..” YoonA called one of her maid.


“Where are the others?” YoonA asked as she was looking at her maid, waiting for her answer. The maid seemed nervous. She felt confused did she has to tell YoonA about the incident between Mr.Choi and Mrs. Choi or not.


“Ah… nan molla. Maybe they’re still in their room.” Finally the maid decided to not tell YoonA about it.

“Oh ne..”

YoonA walked to her sister room, Seyeon. She opened the door and she found her sister was already asleep on her bed. She walked closer to the bed and she covered Seyeon’s body with a blanket. But then she found something different with her sister. Seyeon’s eyes were swollen, looked like she’s been crying for the whole day.

Suddenly she felt worry.

Empty dining room…

Her parents were no where to be found…

And last… Seyeon’s eyes were swollen. YoonA pretty sure that her sister was crying before she fell asleep.

‘What is actually happening? Why do I have a bad feeling?’  Asked YoonA to herself as she was watching her sister sleeping.





(Seyeon’s POV)

From : Kyuhyun oppa

Lime Queen, do you have a plan today?
If you don’t, I want you to accompany me to buy a present for Ahra noona.
Tell me if you can, ok! 😀


Kyuhyun oppa…
Just seeing your message can make me feel happy and can forget a little bit about my problem. Do you know how much I love you?
Huft, of course not! I don’t have any courage to tell you…

‘I wish you know about my feeling oppa…’

I reply his message, telling him that im free today and I want to accompany him. Yeah, at least I can find my happiness whenever im around him.

(Seyeon’s POV End)






Kyuhyun treated Seyeon an ice cream as a thanked. Kyuhyun looked at Seyeon deeply, making Seyeon nervous and decided to ask him why did he look at her so intense like that.

“Wae oppa?” Asked Seyeon as she tried so hard not to blushing infront of Kyuhyun.

“Neo gwenchana?”

“Ne… gwenchana.”

Kyuhyun still looked at her. “I just realized that your eyes looks swollen. Did you cry for the whole day?” Kyuhyun asked to Seyeon.

“…hmm.. ne I was crying last night. But that because I was watching a sad drama. I couldn’t help but cry.” Seyeon lied.

“Hahaha.. aigoo jeongmal. I thought there’s something bad happen to my lime queen.” Kyuhyun laughed. While Seyeon, her heart started to beating so fast after Kyuhyun called her ‘My Lime Queen’. But Seyeon kept telling herself not to hope to much, cause she knew… everybody knew, that Kyuhyun always thought her as his sister. Nothing more…

“We’re gonna go to Philippines next week. Do you want something?” Asked Kyuhyun as he was looking at Seyeon.

“I think you already knew it…”

He put his hand on his chin “Hmm… something to do with lime?” He asked.


“Don’t you get bored with LIME? Why don’t you try something different than usual. Hmm.. like strawberry, maybe? Or maybe orange? Orange is almost the same with lime.”

“Nope! Lime is still the best.” Seyeon laughed, making Kyuhyun laughed to see her like that.

“Ok ok.. LIME is the BEST!”







Seyeon decided to go to Super Junior’s dorm before she go home. Beside, she really wanted to meet her brother,Siwon. It has been a week since Siwon live in the dorm, he had a lot of activities with Super Junior that’s why he decided to live in the dorm, not in home.

“Hey, Lime Queen!” Donghae greeted her as he put his shoulder around Seyeon’s neck. Kyuhyun threw a death glare at him. He didn’t like if someone called Seyeon ‘Lime Queen’. That his special nickname for Seyeon, so only him who could call her like that.

“Hyung, only me who can call her Lime Queen, neo ara!”

“Aish, uri Kyunnie is jealous. Beside, Seyeon is my dongsaeng too so i…”

“If I say no, that means NO, arasso!” Kyuhyun said with a cold tone, making Donghae felt a little bit scared because of the evil maknae.

Seyeon just smiled to see her brothers like that. She was right, being with them could bring her to happiness. But then Seyeon remembered about her problem again. Her face changed from bright into dark, and that made Kyuhyun and Donghae felt worry about their dongsaeng.

“Gwenchana, Seyeon-ah?” Asked Donghae as he looked at Seyeon with a worry stare.

“Ne. Is Siwon oppa here?” Seyeon asked.

“Ne, he’s in Leeteuk’s hyung room now.”

Before Seyeon came to Leeteuk room, Siwon already went out from the room. He smiled to see his beloved little sister was there.

“Annyeong chagi!” He hugged his sister. Seyeon hugged him tightly. She felt comfortable and happy to be hugged by Siwon. Without she realized, tears started to fall from her eyes. She couldn’t handle it anymore. She started to sob. Siwon released his hugged and looked at his sister with a worry stare, he could feel that something wrong happen, because Seyeon wasn’t a type of girl who could easily cry.

“Hey baby what’s wrong?” He asked with a softone as he touched Seyeon’s cheek softly.

“Do you have a fight with YoonA?” He asked again.

“Ani… nan… gwenchana. I just… im sad cause i… I got a bad score in my math test.” She sobbed.

“Aigoo… don’t cry ok! Im sure that you will have a good score on the next test.” He gave his sister support and he hugged her again.

‘Mianhe cause I lied to you… The truth is… i dont know how to tell you that im not your sister oppa.’ Seyeon said in her heart.









Seyeon was about to knock Kyumin’s room when she heard her name was being mentioned by someone. It was Sungmin voice! Seyeon curious, she decided to hear Kyuhyun and Sungmin’s conversation.

“So, why don’t you ask for Seyeon’s help? I’m sure that she will help you.”

“Ahh hyung, I can’t do that!”


“Or… should I tell to Siwon that you like his sister?” Sungmin teased Kyuhyun.

“Hyung!” Kyuhyun threw a death glare to him. Sungmin laughed loudly to see his dongsaeng reaction. Kyuhyun was so funny when he’s in love.

‘Who’s the girl? Is it me or YoonA eonnie?’ Seyeon asked to herself.





-To Be Continued


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