[FREELANCE] One More Time

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Genre:                Romance

Cast                   :Lee Taemin and all memberr of SHINee, Lee Minyoung

Rating                :T

Type                   :one shoot

Author               :KasihWright

That was the day I saw her for the first time. I knew it was really crazy, when I smiled to her and didn’t ask her name.

It was rainy evening in the bus stop near my school. I waited for some busses beside her. I sat and open my cell phone, called Onew.

“Onew hyung, can you pick me up now?” I asked him hopeless, knew that he hasn’t time to go outside.

“Sorry, I guess Jonghyun can be,” he ended the telephone.

I sat and tried to called Key hyung.

“Key hyung, pick me up!” I asked him quickly before he could refused me, and I ended my telephone.

“Annyeong, do you wait for such a busses? I guess it’s late time, you can’t find any buss.” I looked at her.

She saw to me, looking sadness and said “Ah…, but I missed my hand phone, so I can’t call my mom to pick me up,”

“You can back home with me,” I smiled.

She looked at the street and sat beside me “Sorry, look can’t,” she replied me quickly.

“Why? Im sure you can’t find a bus,”

Key hyung come and took me back home, I saw her once more and said “Just go home with me,”

Key hyung saw to me and asked “Who is she?”

“My new friend,” I replied.

“You don’t know where is my home,” she looked at me.

“You can lead me,”Key hyung answered.

She looked back at the hand phone that I forgot to took it out.

“My mom have been picked me up. Be careful, and thanks.” she closed me and gave my phonecell, smiled and entered her car. Gone.

“Taemin, you are…” Key hyung drove the car slowly.

“I just left my hand phone, but that was no problem,” I replied.

“Yes, but don’t you forget about your promise for Minho?”

“Oh my God! I promise him to went at 04.00 am,”

“What’s time now?”


“You are…,”

“Where is he? Why did he doesn’t called me?”

“Did you forget that he lost his hand phone yesterday so that he aksing you for accompany him to buy again, this evening?”

“Oh, my God! Im so sorry,”

“You are…,”he shook my head.

Until our new boarding house, I walked to Minho hyung’s room and saw he is slept on the floor, heared radio.

“Hyung ah,” I called him seven fold, but he didn’t heard me.

Jonghyun hyung entered that room and spoke “What did you do?” he come arounfme, then look at the radio.

“What happen with him?” he asked me quickly, sound restless.

“I, I dont know, he didn’t hear me, I dont know,”

I felt so worry, Minho hyung didn’t hear me, and Jonghyun hyung didn’t know what was happen with him.

He sat on the front of me, looked at Minho hyung, and suddenly laughed.

“Hi, what are you doing?” I hit his head, felt little scared both of them.

He looked at me and drew something from Minho hyung’s ears.

“Head set? Song? Perfect!” Jonghyun hyung looked at me and laughed anymore.

Minho hyung opened his eyes, then saw Jonghyun hyung was on the front of his face.

“What are you doing here?” he woke up. I was tremble “Taemin, what happen with you?” he continued.

“He thought you cannot hear his voice anymore— because of head set.” Jong hyun hyung woke he up and walked left his room.

“I really sorry, I’d forgot,”

“No matter at all, Onew hyung have been accompanied me two hour ago,”

“Im so sorry, hyung…”

“Dont worry, where is Key hyung?”

“He is watching television,”

He ran away. I stay at his room, walking closed the window in the corner. I saw rain painted rainbow. Red, yellow, green, on blue sky. Beautiful is like her on my eyes. I know one thing, she reside in my eyes, in place of… kohl.

I was on the front of Minho hyung’s desk when Kibum huyng called me. I let sara’s photo flew behind the chair, and  left that room.

Onew hyung’s body is wet, so that he went to bathroom,when I walked lonely to dinning room.

I sat beside Minho hyung.

“Are you ok? You looking at the negative…,” he asked me, ate the food.

“He may be schoked, Im sure that he is like that because he scared of you,” Jonghyun hyung listened music by head set, and take a finger to his ears both of them.

“No, I think Teamin is a fall in…” Key hyung came and sat on the front of me.

“Don’t say, Hyung ah! I didn’t do anything today,” I ate my food faster and left them.

“Just fall in the street?” Onew hyung walked across me.

“No, I don’t know anything.” I left Onew hyung, and layed my body in the bed, and covered my self at all.

I really didn’t know what should I do, everything were changed to be confuse to me, I afraid to spoke anything, I really didn’t want that situation.

“I know, you may be fall into that girl i’d met this evening,”kibum come to our room.

“Hyung ah, I really didn’t know what should I say, I just dont know what happen with me,” I covered my head by big pillow.

“What? You? Didn’t know? I think you should know,”

“I dont know, I may be getting crazy as soon,”

“Because of girl? Really funtastic!”


He laughed and laid his body next to me. I tried to closed my eyes and slept as well as soon.

It was the second time I saw her, when I went to school by Onew hyung’s car by him. She walked beside her friends, they were talked each other.

“I’ll pick you up today, I promise.” Onew hyung smiled then leaving the street.

I walked alone to my class. Every body called my name, and smiled. I thought it was just a little bit of sweet greeting on the morning.

Until my chair, I sat and take looked at the window, wait for her.

She walked slowly, and looked at me behind the window, then she stopped walking and smiled. She tried to spoke something which I couldn’t understand.

“What you want to said to me?” I ran closed my class and stood on the front of her.

She smiled “I just want to say thank you, because you let me called my mother by your phone yesterday. Sorry I dont say to you yet, yesterday.”

“Wh… what? You? Called?”

“Not for my mama’s number, but to my number,” she pounched my shoulder, and left me.

I looked her footsteps, just didn’t said anything.

I took my phone cell and called Minho hyung as soon.

“Hyung, pick me up at 12.00,”

“But Onew hyung must be pick you up at 01.00 am,”

“No, I’ll speak to him, and we have to go,”

“Oh, oke.”

The call is ended.

I wait for Minho hyung and sent her such a message. When he is came, we went to such tea place. He just drink a cup of green tea and saw the rain.

“Are you want to stay until the night?”helooked at me while stuck the cup.

“I dont know,” I looking for her everywhere, but I didn’t found anybody similar.

“Do you wait for somebody?” He spelt his word one by one.

I shrank my lips and said “I wait for a girl which I sent massage, but I didn’t know her name, so I couldn’t call her name as soon if I saw her.”

“My god, you have to call her, now…,”he blew his hair.

“Yes, I should call her,” I open my phone and pressed call on its keypad. But it is rang and turn off as soon.

I forgot to charged it that night before that day.

“My phone is…” I looked my cup.

“Yeah, I guess you must have forgot to charged,” he stood and said anymore “You could met her tomorrow, and we have to back home before the rain getting heavy,”

“Yes, you are right at all.”

We walking to left that place, he drove his car. I spyed my eyes behind the window, hopeful that she may be come there.

The rain fallen heavy a minute after Minho hyung drove the car to left that place. I saw outside, and looking for her anymore.

My eyes late to saw, in the corner, and that was too foolish to did. I saw her wait me, Im sure she was wait me, and it was heavy rain, impossible if I ran and asked apologize for my foolish.

“Taemin ah, are you oke?” Minho hyung looked at me and continoued “Hi, what happen?” he looking weird.

“I saw her in the corner outside tea place, she wait for me and we left her,” I was getting frustation.

“I’ll drive back and take she out,”

Minho hyung drive back to tea place very fast. But untill we reached that place, she have took a taxi and left. She tried to looking for anybody, before she closed taxi’s door.

I ran quickly, but the taxi have gone.

“She wait me and sent me many massage, but my phone was off,” I told Minho hyung, sat on the floor.

“So, what will you say to her?” he asked me.

“I dont know, I really want to burnt my phone,”

“There is prom for tommorrow night, isn’t?”


“Be pattient, we would help you found the way,”He left me.

I tried to close my eyes, felt redudant upset on my head. Key umma came and layed beside me, didn’t said anything and turn off the lamp.

The we slept.

It was late of the night when I woke up and viewed my phone cell. I walked to Onew hyung’s room, knocked his room seven fold. He opened the door and looking surprised at me.

“What are you doing late at the night?”

“Can you accompany me to wash my hand?”

“Oh, yeah…’”

After that, Onew sat on then table, I turned on a television, and watched ghost buster. I tried to turn on my phone cell, but it was not full battery yet.

“Hi, whats right?” he asked me, drunk a glass of plain water “Dont you go to sleep?”

“I want to asking you something, like… what do you think about girl was ever we met before, I mean… what the kind of girl you like to be…”I asked him quickly.

“Friend?”he put the glass on the table, and sprang.

“Yeah, girl,”

“Girl, friend, or girlfriend?”

“I dont know,”

I really didn’t know, what I felt that time, I just wanted to close her, and nothing else.

It was the night when I attempt the first prom night in my school. I came myself, and asked Key umma for accompanied me to went there because I didn’t know whats prom yet.

Key  hyung sat down, looked at the ladys and gentle man walking around that wonderful big room.

“Where is everybody?” I asked.

“Minho was his hand, Onew hyung and Jonghyun hyung on their way,”

“Thanks heaven, they weren’t leave me,”

“Taemin ah, I have to met Minho a minute, stay here, ok?”


After Key umma gone, somebody pouched my back, made me looked back and surprissed as soon.

“H… h… hi…!” I felt little nervous to spoke wiht her altough I felt like I found a place close heaven.

“I was wait you in the corner,” she smiled and showed me where was she wait for me.

“Sorry, but I really don’t know you were here,” I stood.

“No matter. You look like beautiful  candle tonight, so shiny…”

“Thank you,”

Minho hyung sent me such a massage “Dont let this moment,”

I looked at her, “My name is Lee Taemin,”

“Lee Minyoung,” She shook my hand.

“Do you not mind if I wanttake you todance with me?” I streched my all of hands for her.

“Of course no,”

I lead her to the dance room, I cant stop staring at her face.

“I was wait for your massage, but you weren’t sent me such as massage, I wait you in the tea place, but you weren’t there,” she walked beside me.

“No, I was waiting you, but since I didn’t know who you are, so I couldn’t called you, my phone is turned off that night,”

We stopped, and the music started played. I saw Key hyung, Onew hyung, Jonghyun hyung and Minho hyung behine the scene, they were turn off the lamp, and winked one of their eyes.

I smiled for her, laid my hand down on her hip. I huged her, and said close her ear “Im so sorry at all,”

She sighned my ear then said “I never mind at all, you are nice guy ever I know,”

“Minyoung ah, do you feel what I feel too?”

“Just whisper me that you love me as much as I  love you, Taemin oppa…,”

I stared at her eyes in the dark side, she smiled and close her eyes. I close my eyes, when she moved her hand behind my neck, few second after that, she kissed me under ligt which spred so much love.


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