Your Smile (Part 13)

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Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Type      : Chapters/Series
Genre    : Romance, Sad Romance, Life, Drama

Cast :
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Choi Sooyoung
– Choi Siwon
– Kim Taeyeon
– Seo Joohyun




“Wow! So, you’re dating with a guy named Kyuhyun now? He was the one who saved you from that rapist right?” Asked Taeyeon.

“Ne.”Answered Sooyoung.

Taeyeon just smiled while she was looking at her bestfriend, Sooyoung. It made Sooyoung feel a little bit curious about her bestfriend’s behaviour.

“Why are you smiling? There’s something wrong on my face?” Asked Sooyoung while she was touching her face.

“Hahaha.. Aniya Sooyoung-ah. Im just happy.” Said Taeyeon, still smiling.


“Ne. Because finally, you’ve opened your heart to someone again.” Answered Taeyeon. She was so happy when she heard that Sooyoung is dating with Kyuhyun. She only hoped that Kyuhyun would make Sooyoung happy and he would always protect her.

Sooyoung couldn’t help but smile when she heard what Taeyeon said.

“Honestly, at first I was confused to accept him or not. I just don’t want to make him as my fugitive only. Because Kyuhyun is a nice guy. And I also wasn’t sure if I love him or I just admire him.” Said Sooyoung while she was looking at Taeyeon, who was sitting infront of her.

Sooyoung paused for awhile and then she continued her sentence again.

“But then, I realized that I like him. Anii.. I love him.” Said Sooyoung while she was smiling.

“Maybe this one is sounds super silly, but I faintly heared a whisper… it was Donghae. He said that he won’t mad at me if I accept Kyuhyun. He also said, if Kyuhyun could make me happy then he will happy too.”

Taeyeon kept listening to Sooyoung’s story.

“Weird huh?” Asked Sooyoung as she looked at Taeyeon.

Taeyeon smiled at her  “Ani.. that wasn’t weird or silly. I believe you, Sooyoung-ah. It must be Donghae. Yeaah it must be him. There’s nothing impossible right?





(Sooyoung’s POV)


Taeyeon and I are walking toward the Campus gates, when suddenly Taeyeon says something to me.

“Hey look! Your prince is coming.” Said Taeyeon to me.

I follow her gaze and I can see that Kyuhyun is standing infront of the gate.

When our eyes meet, he gives me a smile…

….a very beautiful and warm smile.

I smile back to him. And then I introduce him to Taeyeon.

“Kyuhyun-ah, i want to introduce you to my bestfriend. This is Taeyeon. She’s my bestfriend and also someone that really important to me.”

“Annyeong Kyuhyun-ssi!” Greeted Taeyeon while she offer her hand to Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun takes her hand and shake it. “Annyeong Taeyeon-ssi. Im Kyuhyun, nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too. I hope we can be a good friends.” Said Taeyeon while smiling to Kyuhyun.

“Sure we can. Sooyoung’s friends are my friends too.” Said Kyuhyun kindly to Taeyeon.

I look at them happily. Thanks god! Because you gave them to me, to fill my days. Without them, I don’t know what will happen to me.

They are the biggest present in my life…





I was watching tv in Kyuhyun’s apartment or I should say ‘Our Apartment’, when the bell rang. Yeah that’s right! Im living with Kyuhyun now. But don’t think too far! Cuz we don’t share a bedroom, which means we don’t sleep together.

I get up from my seat and then walk toward the door to open it.

“Annyeong Haseyo!” Greeted a girl while smiling to me.

“Annyeong!” I greeted her back.

“Is Kyuhyun oppa here?” Asked her again.

Kyuhyun oppa?? She called Kyuhyun, oppa? Aigoo.. I shouldn’t be jealous like this! Maybe she is Kyuhyun’s cousin or Kyuhyun’s friend.

“Ah ani.. Kyuhyun is not here. He said that, he would come home late tonight.” I Said to that girl.

“Ooh.. it’s too bad.” Said that girl with a disappointed face.

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell him that you’ve come here. What’s your name?” I asked her politely.

“My name is SeoHyun…” Said that girl with a smile on her face.

“… Kyuhyun’s oppa ex- girlfriend..”Added her again. And it success to make me surprise.

“So, what’s yours?” Asked her to me, while still smiling.

“My na.. name.. is SooYoung.” I answered her.

“Well, nice to meet you Sooyoung. Please tell oppa that I come here, ok? I should go now. Byee!”

“Ah.. ne, don’t worry! I’ll tell him when he gets home.” I said while I try to smile to her.

After Seohyun gone, I close the door and then I sit back to the sofa infront of tv. I can’t help but keep thinking about that girl, Seohyun.

Ok, she is Kyuhyun’s ex-girlfriend. But why did she come here? Does she still have any relationship with Kyuhyun??

Oh My God Sooyoung! You shouldn’t be like this. Even they already broke up, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be friends right? You don’t have to worry and you shouldn’t be jealous either! I said that to myself.

(Sooyoung’s POV End)




(Kyuhyun’s POV)

I see Sooyoung is sleeping on the sofa infront of tv. I sit next to her, and then I touch her face softly. She moves a little, and not long after that she opens her eyes.

I smile to her.

“Hmm.. Kyuhyun-ah..” She mumble.

“Hey, I told you to not wait for me right? You should sleep in your room, not here!” I said softly to her, as im caressing her face.

She just smiles, then she changes her sleeping position to a sitting position.

“Kyuhyun-ah, there was a girl who comes looking for you. Her name is Seohyun.”



Great! Why did she come here for? I hope she didn’t say anything to Sooyoung. I just don’t want if Sooyoung misunderstanding about me and Seohyun.

Because Seohyun and I are over…

“Did she say something to you? Ehmm like…”

“Like she was your girlfriend?” Said Sooyoung without expression.

God! She already knew that. Ottohke??

“I can explain that to you. Please don’t misunderstanding me with her! She’s just my ex-girlfriend. Eventhough we’re still friends, but I don’t have any feeling with her anymore.” Explained me to Sooyoung as im holding her hands.

Sooyoung just looking at me but she doesn’t say anything.

“Jebal.. don’t mad at me! I only love you now. You’re the only one for me. Seohyun is only my past… but you are my future..”


Still silent.. Sooyoung still looking at me. But then suddenly she laughs out loud, make me feel so much confused.

“Yaa! Why are you laughing? What’s so funny?” I asked her.

“Hahaha… i… just.. haha.. your expression was so funny.” Said her while still laughing so hard.

I frown to her. She immediately stops her laugh when she see my face.

“Hmmph.. mian Kyuhyun-ah.” She said to me while she’s caressing my face with her soft hand.

“Mianhe.. Im not mad at you. I trust you, I know that you don’t love her anymore. And also I don’t mind if you are still be friends with her.”

I pretend like im still made at her.

“Yaaa Kyuhyun! I was just joking! Don’t be mad like this! Jebal…” Said her as she shakes my shoulder. I don’t respond her at all.

Seeing me sit quietly and ignoring her, makes Sooyoung pouts.

I can’t help but smile when I see her pouts. I pinch her chubby cheeks and then I kiss her cheeks. Her cheeks starts to blushing…

“Aigoo.. my girlfriend is so cute.” I teased her.

“Yaa Kyuhyun-ah!” Sooyoung hit my arm playfully.




Sooyoung lays her head on my shoulder, while im holding her hands. I kiss the top of her head.

“Seohyun… she’s just my past, I don’t love her anymore. Right now, there’s only you in my heart… Because you are my future. So, don’t worry about it ok!”

“Ne, I trust you Kyuhyun-ah. Gomawo for everything… Gomawo for coming into my life. If you aren’t here, I don’t know what’s gonna be happen to me.” Said Sooyoung, while she looks at me with a smile on her face.

We stare at each other for a while, before we finally….


I kiss her lips softly, and she kisses me back…

… It’s our first kiss since we’re dating.

I will never forget this night for the rest of my life…

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)



-To Be Continued-



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