The New Beginning (Oneshot)

January 26, 2012 at 2:53 PM 10 comments

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : The New Beginning
Type      : Oneshot
Genre    : Romance, Friendship


Cast :
– Victoria Song
– Nickhun
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Hwang Tiffany
– Kwon Yuri
– Im YoonA
– Choi Sooyoung




“Im sorry, but I think it’s over now…”

“Do.. do you really like her?”
“…hmm.. I like her. I don’t know when im starting to like her. But what I know is… I can’t live without her. Sooyoung… she’s my everything.”

Slowly, their hands apart. Victoria bit her lips, trying to hold back her tears. Her boyfriend confession just now was success to made her heart even more hurt than before. Everything that she ever dreamed of about their future, has been destroyed when he said that he loved another woman.

“Gomenasai…” That all he could say to her.

“Ne.. it’s ok, Kyuhyun! At least you told me the truth. It’s better than you’re still with me, but your heart and your mind aren’t cause you keep thinking about Sooyoung.” Said Victoria while she was trying so hard to give her boyfriend, or we could say now her ‘Ex-boyfriend’ a smile.

“Im.. im gonna marry her soon.” Added him again.

Victoria couldn’t hide her surprise. “So desu ka?(Really)”

“Ne.” Kyuhyun nodded his head.

Victoria smiled, a sad smile. “So, I guess this is goodbye now.”


“Can I hug you? For the last time?”

Kyuhyun nodded as the response. Victoria immediately hugged him, not wanting to waste her last time with him. She hugged him tight, really tight.. she hoped the pain in her chest will go soon when she hugged him. But it made her feel hard to release him. She didn’t want him to go..

…but she couldn’t do anything…

‘Watashi wa anata o ashite…’(I love you)



Almost all the guys at the airport looked at her like she was an angel who came down from the Heaven. They kept staring at her and mesmerized by her beauty. While that girl kept walking like usual. She didn’t care that much with those attention, because she used to it.

“Victoria!!” Called someone, making the tall girl, Victoria turned her body to see that person. A small but beautiful smile appeared from her lips when she saw that person who was called her.

“Tiffany!” She ran to her friend, Tiffany. They hugged each other. It has been a long time since their last meeting. They couldn’t hide their happiness to meet each other again.

“Watashi wa anata ga inakute sabishi (I miss you)” Said Victoria to Tiffany as they released their hug.

“Watashi mo anata ga koishi.(I miss you too)” Replied Tiffany.

“Wow, you’re Japanese is still good. I thought you already forgot how to speak Japanese.”

Tiffany laughed to hear her bestfriend’s words to her.
Yeah, Tiffany and Victoria are friends. They knew each other 2 years ago, when Tiffany still lived in Japan. But then Tiffany moved to Korea which is her hometown. Eventhough Tiffany moved to Korea but they’re still friends, they’re still contact each other.

“You know what? Im so happy that starting from now you’ll be living in here, Korea! I bet you’ll like to live here. Korea is awesome!” Tiffany said as she was holding Victoria’s hand.

“Yeah yeah.. I know that!” Victoria smiled to her.

“So, how’s your work here?”Asked Victoria.

“Im doing good. Im a make-up artist, you know. Im so happy with my job, cause I can meet a lot of artists because of this job. Yesterday I met Lee Min Ho. Can you believe it?! Im so lucky!

“Glad to hear it.” Victoria smiled at her bestfriend.

Suddenly Tiffany phone was ringing, she immediately took it from her handbag.


“Im in the airport now, im picking up my friend.”

“ Ne? Jeongmal??”

“ Huft.. Ok then, talk to you later. Ne jagiii… kekeke.”

“Your boyfriend?” Asked Victoria to her.

“Hhaha… of course not! That was my brother, Nickhun. I ever told you about him, remember?” Asked Tiffany as she was looking at Victoria, waiting for her answer.

“Ahh.. Yup, I remember! He’s a photographer right?”



(Victoria’s POV)

It’s been a month since I moved here, in Korea. I found my new life here. Taeyeon was right, different place will make me feel better. Im glad that I followed her advice to accept the job offer here.

But.. to be honest, sometimes I still thinking about him, Kyuhyun.. I can’t deny that I still love him. But I always remind myself that Kyuhyun and I are over! He has his own life now. And I think I should move on too. I cant be like this forever!

Ok, leave that behind!

Since I moved here, I don’t have time to feel sad. Yeah, thanks to Tiffany 😀
She knew about what I’ve been through with Kyuhyun. She always cheers me up whenever I feel like I want to cry. She’s such a nice friend!

Beside Tiffany, I also made a new friend with some models at the office. But among them I’m close with Im YoonA and Kwon Yuri.

Today, im having a photoshoot for ELLE magazine. But I haven’t seen Jinki yet, he’s the photographer. I walk around in the photo set when I see Key and Minho. Key is the stylist while Minho is a model, same like me.


“Annyeong Noona!”

“Do you guys know where’s Jinki? He should be here now.” I say as im looking at my watch.

“Noona, Jinki hyung is sick. I thought you knew about it.” Said Minho.

“Jeongmal?” I ask in surprise.

“Ne. But there’s a new photographer here. So, you’ll work with him today.” Added Key again as he looks at me with a smile on his face.


“That’s him.” I follow Key’s eyes gaze. I can see a tall and good looking guy is busy with his camera. Wow! So, he’s the photographer who will work with me today?

Kekeke.. Im so lucky!!

“Come on, let me introduce you to him.” Key pulls my head while we’re walking to that guy.

(Victoria’s POV End)


(Nickhun’s POV)

Song Victoria…
Hmm.. such a nice name, just like the person. She’s so pretty and innocent. She’s really my type. Im busy with my mind, thinking about the new girl whom I met today at the photo set. She’s a new model from Japan.

Huh, why am being like this?

“Oppa..!!” Called my sister. Yeah she’s none other than Tiffany, my baby sister.


“Oppa, are you sure you’re not forget about something?” Asked her to me, making me feel confused. I give her a question look. She sighs heavily and Yup! Just like I guess, she’s pouting her lips now. She always does that whenever she feels upset about something.

“Yeah, don’t put that face! That’s totally creepy.” I tease her.

BUGH! “Nappeun oppa!!” She hits my arm with her book which is very thick like a dictionary. Can you imagine how hurt my arm now? Well that’s my baby sister..

“Jeongmal, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Aish jinjja!! Next week is my birthday! Now remember??” Asked her again as she looks at me, ready to hit me with her thick dictionary if I don’t remember about it.

“Ahh ne ne.. I remember. Don’t worry about that! I was just a little bit forgot.”

“Huh, liar! So oppa.. you promise me that you’re gonna make a birthday party for me, right?”
Im about to answer her when she raise her dictionary and gives me a look “Don’t you dare to say that you’re forget” So I just smile and nod my head, making Tiffany smile happily.

“That’s my oppa!” She kisses my cheek and hugs me.

Aigoo.. aigoo.. such a funny sister huh?? 😀

(Nickhun’s POV End)



The party was awesome. Nickhun did all that only for the one and only, Tiffany, his beloved little sister. Tiffany seemed really happy about her birthday. The prove was she kept smiling happily during her party. And that also made Nickhun felt happy.

“Victoria!” She called Victoria while she was waving her hand, so Victoria would notice her.

Victoria smiled and walked closer to Tiffany. She gave her a hug and also congrats her.

“Happy birthday, Fany. And here’s your present.”

“Gomawo..” Tiffany hugged her again.

“Oh.. and btw, I’d like to introduce you to my brother. He’s here too. And this party was made by him. Such a nice brother, huh?” Tiffany grabbed Victoria’s hand and they walked side by side to find Tiffany’s brother, Nickhun.

“Oppa! Here’s my friend.” Said Tiffany to Nickhun. Nickhun turned his body and for him to surprised, the girl that he always thinks about was there. Standing next to her sister.

Victoria also felt surprise because the guy that has been caught her eyes was there. And for her to be surprised again was because he’s Tiffany’s brother. A beautiful smile appreared from her lips, she couldn’t hide her happiness cause she could meet him again.

“Song Victoria, right?” Asked Nickhun with a smile on his face.

“Ne.. that’s me.”

“Wooah, so you guys already knew each other?”

Victoria and Nickhun smiled as they nodded their heads.


(Victoria’s POV)


Someone close my eyes. I think I know who that is..

“Nickhun oppa..”

He release his hand from my eyes. I turned my body to face him while im smiling to him. Yeah, we’re getting closer each day since the day we met at Tiffany’s party. He’s working at the same company as mine now, so that makes us more closer cause we meet almost everyday. I also call him oppa cause he’s older than me. He’s such a nice and also gentlemen guy. No wonder Tiffany always praises him.

“Mianhe im late.”

“Gwenchana oppa. I know that you’re busy.”

“Ok, for my apology, im gonna treat you today. So just order everything that you want to eat.” He says to me.

“Jeongmal?? Wooah, you’re the best oppa.”  I show my thumbs-up to him.

I keep looking at Nickhun oppa while we’re eating. I feel really happy whenever im beside him. I feel save and also comfortable. It’s the same when I was with Kyuhyun. Speaking of Kyuhyun, I heard from Taeyeon eonnie that he already married with Sooyoung now. Yeah.. eventhough it still hurts a little, but Im happy that Kyuhyun found his new life and also a new lover now.

“Do you dislike your food? If you do, we can order something else.” Said Nickhun oppa, interrupting my thought.

“Ani.. I like it. I was just thinking about something. Mianhe..”

Nickhun oppa smiles to me. And OH MY GOD! HE’S SO HOT! I think…

I think… I LOVE HIM…

(Victoria’s POV End)


“Hey, that’s your boyfriend.” Said Yuri as she looked at someone behind Victoria.

Victoria turned her body to see who’s that person. And it was Nickhun. He waved his hand as he was smiling to her. Victoria waved back to him, making her two bestfriends, Yuri and YoonA teased her.

“Wow! You’re turn happily like a little kid when you see him.” YoonA laughed after she said that.

“Hmm.. fall in love is the best feeling EVER!!” Added Yuri.

Victoria blushed. But she immediately tried to cover it cause she didn’t want to be teased by Yuri and YoonA again.

“Don’t try to hide it! We all know!”

“Yaah! He’s not my boyfriend ok! And im not fall in love with anyone now!”

“He’s not your boyfriend, but…”

“He’s your FUTURE BOYFRIEND!” Said YoonA and Yuri at the same time. They laughed loudly when they saw Victoria’s blushing face. It was so cute and funny at the same time. They kept laughing until they heard someone voice.

It was Nickhun.

He took a seat next to Victoria. “What are you guys talking about? It seems so interesting.” Asked him as he looked at them, waiting for their answer.

“Owh.. you really want to know?? Well we actually were talking about..”

“Oppa, let’s go from here!” Victoria pulled Nickhun’s hand, making her two bestfriend laughed again even more loud than before.

“Have fun guys!” Shouted YoonA and Yuri.


(Victoria’s POV)

Wooah that was close! Thanks god cause I immediately pulled him before they told him about it. God! I can’t imagine if he knew about that. I think I can’t face him again. Yeah I think I have to move from this country, or maybe from this planet! Yup, that’s the best idea ever!

“You’re weird.”


“You said that you were hungry just now. But now, you’re not even touch your food.” Nickhun oppa says as he looks at me with his beautiful eyes. Aigoo.. jebal oppa… don’t look at me with those eyes. Aish, what the hell you’re  talking about Victoria?? Baka!

“Victoria!” Nickhun oppa waves his hand in front of my face.

“Ne. Im eating now.” I eat my food with such a hurry. Jeongmal! Im so nervous now!

He suddenly laughs. I look at him with a question look. There’s something funny on my face?
Omo! My heart is beating faster. He wipes my lips with his thumb, should I repeat it again? Ok, he wipes my lips with his THUMB! Happy?? Of course I am 😀



“Do you have a plan tonight?”

“Ani oppa. Wae?”

‘Omo omo.. Don’t tell me that he wants to ask me to date!! ‘>.<

“My friend invite me to his party. But im lazy to go by myself. So, do you want to accompany me to that party?” Nickhun oppa asks me.


“Well, I asked her to accompany me. But unfortunately she had a plan with Siwon. So.. what’s your answer?”

“Can I say no? I ask him while looking at him.

“Nope! All you can say is YES.” He laughs.

“Well, it means yes. I don’t have another Choice, do i?” I smile to him.
(Victoria’s POV End)



They party went well until…

“Nickhun oppa!”

Someone tapped Nickhun’s shoulder, making him turned his body and so did Victoria. It was a girl, a very beautiful girl. She seemed close with Nickhun, and it made Victoria felt a little bit annoying. But she could easily cover it.

“Sooyoung..” Nickhun greeted that girl.

‘Sooyoung?? God, don’t tell me that….’



Both of them, Kyuhyun and Victoria were surprise to meet each other. They felt awkward. Really awkward. Victoria wanted to run away from that place immediately cause eventhough that she didn’t love him as much as before. But still…
She couldn’t meet him now. She wasn’t ready. And she’ll never be!

“Woaah oppa, is this your girlfriend?” Asked Sooyoung as she looked at Victoria with a smile on her face. While Victoria just looked at Sooyoung without saying anything.

‘Pretty…’ She thought.

‘Huh.. no wonder Kyuhyun really loves her. Im nothing if I have to compared to her. Kyuhyun oppa.. he deserves someone better than me.’

“Aniiiya.. She’s my friend and also Tiffany’s bestfriend.” Said Nickhun.

Victoria offered her hand to Sooyoung and Sooyoung took it while she was still smiling to her. And this time.. Victoria smiled back to Sooyoung.

“Song Victoria.” Victoria introduced herself.

“Choi Sooyoung. Nice to meet you Victoria-ssi.”

“Ne, me too.” Victoria smiled.

“You know what? You guys look perfect for each other. People must be thinking that you’re a couple.” Said Sooyoung to Victoria and Nickhun. Nickhun and Victoria smiled shyly when they heard that.

Kyuhyun just looked at Victoria. Victoria turned her face to Kyuhyun cause she noticed that he was kept staring at her for quiet long. “Long time no see Kyuhyun-ssi.” Said Victoria. Nickhun and Sooyoung looked at them with a curious.

“So, you guys are knowing each other?” Asked Nickhun.

“Ne. She was my…”

“Im his friend when we were still in high school. Right Kyuhyun-ssi?”

Kyuhyun felt surprise cause Victoria lied to Nickhun about their relationship. But then he understood. Maybe Victoria didn’t want to make an awkward situation between them. Especially Sooyoung was there too. In his heart, Kyuhyun thanked Victoria. He felt relief and grateful.

“Ne. We were classmate in high school.”


Victoria was sitting by herself at the garden. She was still at the party, but then she got bored. She came out from the party and decided to sit at the garden. She still could hear some noises from inside the party. She closed her eyes, feeling the cold wind caressing her face.

“Arigato for what you said just now.”

Victoria opened her eyes. She knew that voice. It was too familiar for her. She used to hear it like everyday and also it was her favourite voice. It belong to someone that she used to love. Ne, it was Kyuhyun’s voice.

“Do ittashimasite. (You’re welcome)” Victoria smiled to him. She moved a little, giving a space for Kyuhyun to sit. Kyuhyun smiled and sat next to her. To be honest, Victoria really missed this moment..

“It’s been a long time, huh. The world is so small, isn’t it?” Said Kyuhyun.


“She’s so pretty. You guys look perfect for each other. Oh.. and btw, congratulation for your wedding.” Victoria offered her hand with a smile on her face. Kyuhyun took it and they shaked hands while smilng to each other.

“We’re still friends, right? Asked Kyuhyun as he looked at Victoria. He couldn’t hide his nervous. And it made Victoria smiled widely.

“Yaa, don’t be too nervous like this! And of course we’re still friends. We’re always gonna be friends. About our past… just keep them only for us. For me, our memories will always gonna be something special in my life. I wont forget it. Because meeting someone like you and also be a part of your life was a wonderful thing to me. I will never ever regret it.” Said Victoria as she looked at Kyuhyun with a smile on her face.

“Nado. I wont forget about us. I will always keep our memories here, in my mind.” Kyuhyun pointed his head with his finger. Victoria smiled as the response.

Little did they know, Nickhun was there. He heard everything, include about the ‘relationship part’. Slowly, Nickhun walked away from the place. He didn’t want to bother them.



“Gomawo for taking me home.”

“Ne, cheonmaneyo. Now, go in! It’s getting late.”

Victoria smiled before she turned her body. When she was about to enter her apartment, Nickhun pulled her arm. Victoria looked at him with a question look.

“Are you ok?” Asked Nickhun, making Victoria felt confused.

“Ne. Why are you asking me that?”

“I… I heard your conversation with Kyuhyun without on purpose.”

“Oh about that. Don’t worry! Cause im totally fine now. Yeah I admit that at first, I was so surprised to meet him there with Sooyoung. And also I felt a little bit hurt when I saw them together. But then I realized that our relationship is over. I should move on. Beside, I don’t love him anymore. I just think him as a friend, that’s it!” Explained her.

Without thinking twice, Nickhun hugged her. Victoria didn’t refuse, but she didn’t hug him back too. She just stood there, not knowing what to do. She felt surprise and also nervous at the same time.


“Do you trust me?” Asked Nickhun, still hugging her.


“Well, if you do trust me. Then, do you mind to open your heart for me?” Asked him again, and it success to made Victoria’s heart was beating faster than before.

Nickhun released his hug. He looked at her deeply. He took both of her hands and kissed them softly.

“Watashiwa anata o aishite. (I love you)” Nickhun said in Japanese.

Seeing no sign from Victoria, Nickhun sighed heavily. “Well, I guess I know what’s your answer. Don’t think about it too much, ok! I just want you to know. If you don’t feel the same way, it’s ok for me. We still can continue our friendship.”
Nickhun turned his body. He tried to cover his disappointment. Before he could leave Victoria pulled his hand, making Nickhun’s body face her and then she…

CHU! She kissed him on the lips.

“Watashi mo anata o aishite (I love you too)” Said Victoria as she gave him her best smile ever.

CHU! Nickhun kissed her. Victoria replied the kiss as she put her arms around Nickhun’s neck to deepen the kiss. While Nickhun held Victoria’s waist with his arm more tight. He promised to himself that from now on, he would make her happy, protect her, always beside her, and last… he promised that he would always love her with all of his heart until the end of his life.

“Let’s start the new beginning, shall we?”


Annyeong people 😀
Here i am bringing a Khuntoria story ^^
In this story, i also add some japanese so dont be confused when you find some weird words ok 😀
Well, It’s actually a kyuyoung story. But since my eonnie likes Khuntoria and i also like them, i changed it into Khuntoria couple.

I hope you all like it ^^

And it’s special for my eonnie, r13eonnie 강 하이에나 😀
Gomawo for your support! ^__^

PS : Just pretend that Victoria is younger than Nickhun ^^ and also for the japanese. I know that Victoria is Chinese, but i use Japanese instead of Chinese, that’s because i don’t know anything about Chinese. So sorry for that ^^


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Two Different Tears EPS 1 Jiyeon Diary

10 Comments Add your own

  • 1. r13eonnie 강 하이에나  |  January 27, 2012 at 2:56 PM

    adeeeeeeeeeeeee…gomawo bwt ff nya,,,kereeeeeeennnn…..wah ka bacanya ampe gregetan,,,sk sm karakternya khun,,wow..endingnya cb bneran deh..T_T

    dee…m ka mu d share d page nya khuntoria bole ga??psti bnyak yg baca..;D ka cm share linknya az….

    • 2. kyula88  |  January 27, 2012 at 11:23 PM

      iyaa kak sama2 😀
      Iya, ak jga berharap jd kenyataan. So, Kyuhyun oppa bklan jd milik soo eonnie seorang. kekeke xD

      owh, boleh bgt kok kak 🙂

      • 3. r13eonnie 강 하이에나  |  January 28, 2012 at 11:08 PM

        oohh de sookyu shipper toh, hehe..;D

        eh de sk sm khuntoria jg kan??ka br bkin blognya tu, tp bkn khusus ff sih,,de mu gabung kah??de kn jago englishnya tuh,,ka butuh author yg jado englishnya, hehe..oya de bs edit2 fto jg kah??

  • 4. kelhime  |  January 29, 2012 at 1:30 PM

    dear Author, i’ve read your fiction.. I just can say.. I really really like it, it’s a great fic, trully ^-^ i’m a big fan of Khuntoria, a Vietnamese Khuntorian ^-^ so i wonder if i could translate your fiction (this fiction) into Vietnamese, can i? Please! I want to share your fic to Vietnamese Khuntorians, of course with all your permission and credit.. Thanks you, i’ll hope for your response ^-^

    • 5. kyula88  |  January 29, 2012 at 3:51 PM

      Oh really? Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it 😀
      Sure, you can. Beside, i’m happy if a lot of people read my story ^^
      So, i’m ok with it as long as you’ll credit me 😀

  • 6. kyula88  |  January 29, 2012 at 3:48 PM

    @r13eonnie 강 하이에나 : Iyaa aku KyuYoung shipper kak 😀 tp ak juga suka khuntoria kok ^^
    Oh boleh juga tuh kak! ^__^ Apa nama blognya? Atau ntr ka invite aku aja.
    Klo edit foto sich aku kurang bisa kak. masih ancur bgt cara ngedit-nya :p

    • 7. r13eonnie 강 하이에나  |  January 30, 2012 at 1:43 AM tu blognya de…;)

      ok,,nti ka invite yah,,ok deh,,gpp yg pnting jd autor az dlu dsana, hehe..^^

    • 8. r13eonnie 강 하이에나  |  January 30, 2012 at 1:43 AM

      eh,,ia de nti klo de uda jd author dsana,,de post ff ni dsana jg yah…;)

      tp mulai post nya tgl 2 de,,sngaja biar sm kya ultahnya vic, biar gmpang d inget, lol…

  • 9. Syarifah  |  April 16, 2012 at 12:34 PM

    Great fanfiction!
    sedikit saran nih buat author, tolong dong kalo nulis “I am” nulisnya “I’m” jangan “Im” soalnya kalo cuma Im doang aku suka bingung.

    • 10. kyula88  |  April 16, 2012 at 1:21 PM

      gomawo 🙂
      Iya, mian yah soal itu. kadang suka buru-buru smpe lupa nambahin koma atasnya. sekali lagi, jeongmal mianheyo chingu


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