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Author : ssrangbit
Genre : Romance
Rating : PG
Type : One Shoot
Author’s note: It’s my first fan fiction for YongSeo *finally I could make a story about them* even just the simple one, but I’m quite satisfied. kekeke. Please excuse my english since english isn’t my mother language. Thanks for those who wanna read this story, I really appreciate that :D . (ssarangbit)

“Hyung, hyung, hyung!!” Jungshin tried to wake Yong who seemed in his daydream.

“Aishhh~~ wae??” Yong surprised.

“What happened with you?? What do you think of?” Asked Jungshin curiously.

“I’m just tired.” Yong answered.

“Really hyung?” Jungshin asked again.

“I don’t know what happened with myself actually. I just think that Hyun….” Yong stopped.

“Hyun? Seohyun? What happened with her, hyung?” said Jungshin hurriedly.

“Recently, I feel tired with err I don’t know how to describe my feeling now, I kinda bored with our relationship.” Explained Yong.

“Hyung, You?? You don’t love her anymore?”

Seohyun brought a lunch box, she was going to CN Blue dressing room, she walked impatiently, she really missed Yong and imagined how Yong would surprise with her surprise that suddenly came to KBS, brought a lunch box she prepared just for him. When she wanted to enter the dressing room silently, she unintentionally heard the conversation between Yong and Jungshin. She shocked with their conversation, she couldn’t believe on what she just heard, why Yong felt like that? He was tired with her? Was she boring him that much? He didn’t love her anymore? All that questions was filling Hyun’s mind. She confused, the lunch box she handed fell down. She ran suddenly, tried to control herself, tried to not cry, she covered her face with her pink hat so people couldn’t recognize her.

“Yaaa!!! Why you did say like that??” Yong cried at Jungshin.

“You still love her, hyung?” Jungshin asked again.

“Of course, I am!! You think when I feel bored with her that means I do not love her anymore, huh?” Yong answered.

“Hyung, really, I can’t understand what is in your mind now?” said Jungshin while shook his head.

“Haha, I, myself, also don’t know what happened with me. The one that I know that I still and forever love her.” Yong laughed.

“Errr, hyung, you being mushy again.” Said Jungshin.

PRAAAANG!!!!!! Suddenly, Yong and Jungshin heard a noise from outside their dressing room. They hurriedly opened the door, but they saw nothing. When Yong looked down, he saw a lunch box with the foods scattered on the floor. But, when he wanted to squat and take the lunch box, Jungshin pulled his arm and they went into the dressing room again.

At the night, Yong kept looking at his cellphone, he tried to call Hyun but she didn’t answer his call. He texted her many times but she replied none.

“Aigoo. It’s really strange. She never rejected my calls before, she always replied all my texts, what happened with her?” Yong asked to himself.

She lied down on her bed while keeping held her cellphone. She wanted to answer Yong’s call, but she couldn’t!! She couldn’t understand with what Yong and Jungshin was talking about at the dressing room this afternoon, did Yong really mean when saying that? She felt guilty to Yong because she didn’t reply his texts or answer his calls, she still in confused, she needed more times to think about what happened today.

A week passed without any communication between them. Yong at first thought that Hyun might be in busy, so she couldn’t reply his texts, she was tired so she couldn’t answer his calls all day, but a week was just a long time for Yong to understand that. He believed something must be happened with his girlfriend, but she kept that for herself, didn’t share anything to her boyfriend.
He finally decided to go to Gang-nam, SNSD’s dorm. He phoned SNSD’s manager, asked about what time all members would back to dorm. So, at 11 PM he already arrived at SNSD’s dorm, he waited outside the dorm. Then, a car passed him then parked not far from him. He saw the SNSD’s manager went out from the car, then Taeyeon, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Tiffany, Jessica, and the last his girlfriend that he missed so much, Seohyun.

He approached them, asked permission to Hyun’s manager so he could bring Hyun went out together before back to the dorm. The manager nodded. Yong looked at Hyun, she looked pale, he couldn’t find her sparkling eyes and her bright smile. The manager and other unnies went in to the dorm, left Yong and Hyun. Yong approached Hyun, pulled her right arm, so she could standing closer to him, they then went to a park near the dorm,

“Hyu~n.” said Yong softly.

“De, oppa.” Hyun answered.

“I miss you so much, Hyun.” Said Yong while kept looking at his girlfriend.

“Hmm.. Why you came here, oppa?” Seohyun asked.

“Why?? You don’t happy to see me? You don’t miss me? It’s already a week you didn’t answer my calls, reply my texts, I came here because I miss you so much, you killed me slowly Hyun, I almost dead just because I missed you so bad.” Yong explained then held Hyun’s hand.

“Oppa…oppa… We…we…” Hyun couldn’t continue her words, she then let her hand off from Yong’s.

“Yaa, what happen with you, love?? Something happen to you?? Tell me!!”

“Yong oppa, let’s break up!!!” Hyun cried.

“Ya!! Ya!! What happen?? What was you saying, huh?? Break up?? Who?? Us??” asked Yong panickly.

“Yes, us, oppa. Let’s break up.” Said Hyun, her eyes still couldn’t look at Yong’s, she afraid she would be crying.

“Hyun, wae?? Why you suddenly wanted us to break up, huh? I won’t, Hyun!! NEVER!!! There isn’t a break-up word in our relationship, not now and forever!! You promised me to be together with me till I can marry you, Hyun, you promised that to me, you said that you’ll waiting that moment, the moment I marry you. You don’t remember that?? You lie to me if you say yes!!” Yong couldn’t control himself that was in panic, confused with what Hyun said to him.

“I’m a boring girlfriend, right oppa?? You feel bored with me, right? You feel tired and bored with our relationship.” Hyun finally couldn’t hold herself, tears fell down on her white face.

“Hyun, I’m not!!!! Who said that to you?”

“Yes, you are oppa!!! I heard that words from you!! I heard you said that to Jungshin a week ago in the dressing room. I heard that, oppa!! You don’t love me anymore. You no need to lie at me, if that was really the truth, then I will try to understand oppa, I’ll never force you anymore. You can leave me, I’ll be okay. You can find another girl, that better than me.” Hyun covered her face with her hands, she cried, she was really sad. She didn’t know why she could say those words, words that hurted her so much and maybe hurted Yong, either.

He then smiled. He pulled Hyun closer to him.

“Jashik~~ Oh my silly girlfriend.” Yong kept smiling.

“You want leave me then, oppa?” Seohyun asked and finally saw his smiling face. She shocked when Yong smiled at her, she just couldn’t understand why.

“Ya, listen to me. What you heard were right. I felt tired, suddenly bored with our relationship, note this Hyun, I was bored with OUR RELATIONSHIP not with YOU, my dear. But, that was a week ago, I also didn’t know what happened to me, why those silly things came up into my mind. I’m really sorry, Hyun. I didn’t mean when saying that, I was really stupid when told like that to Jungshin. And I bet, you didn’t hear all our conversation till end, right?? You said that I don’t love you anymore? Who said that?” Yong smiled.

“Jungshin.” Answered Hyun.

“Yaa!! Jungshin didn’t said that I don’t love you anymore, he asked me, he asked whether I don’t love you anymore. Then, what else you heard?”

“Just that, oppa. I shocked, I was confused, I suddenly ran.”

“Jashik, a lesson for you, dear, you should listen till the end so you wouldn’t misunderstand like now.” Explained Yong.

“What did you mean, oppa?” asked Hyun with a curious look to Yong.

“He asked whether I still love you or not, then I said yes, I do still love you, dear. You, forever.” Yong tried to not laugh.

“So, you?? You still love me?”

“Forever, Hyun!!” He pulled Hyun more closer to him, hugged her tightly.

“I’m really sorry oppa, for being silly like this. I’m really sorry for doubting you, doubting your love to me. I’m really not a good girlfriend.”

“You always good in my eyes, love. Promise me that you’ll tell everything to me if there is something that bother you. Aigoo, my Hyun, you know what, you make me love you more and more tonight. You really love me, right?” He kissed the crown of her head, smelled her hairs scent which he loved.

“I do, I do really love you, yesterday, today, and forever. You are my love light, I’m thankful to God because I can meet you, I can love you and you love me back. We’re love each other forever, Yo~ng.” Hyun hugged Yong more tightly.

Yong released his hug, his eyes met Hyun’s, he lifted her chin, then kissed her lips softly under the bright moon and uncountable stars at the sky night.


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